Making it Happen

Many of the ideas set out in the Community Pharmacy Forward View were reflected and reinforced in the recommendations of the Independent Review of Community Pharmacy Clinical Services (the Murray Review) published in December 2016.

In ‘Making it Happen’ the national pharmacy organisations take the next step toward turning both the Community Pharmacy Forward View vision and the Murray Review recommendations into reality, by setting out pathways for the policy change, professional development and partnership working required to enable community pharmacy to play its full role within an integrated health and care system.

To deliver the Community Pharmacy Forward View, we need to:

  • Raise awareness of community pharmacy services with the public, and strengthen relationships with service users
  • Support local leaders to build partnerships with colleagues across the health and care system
  • Harness technology and secure digital integration
  • Empower the workforce to develop their skills, manage change and work effectively within new structures, cultures and systems
  • Establish new ways of working and delivering integrated care, supported through appropriate funding and contracting mechanisms
  • Proactively support and facilitate sector-development and change management

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We have created a presentation to guide you through the steps towards implementation, please take a look:

Implementation framework


(please note: we recommend printing hard copies in A3 if possible)

Alternatively, an interactive version of the implementation framework diagrams is available at:

Please share your feedback to help us turn a shared vision for the sector into a reality that will be good for patients, the public, local communities and the NHS, as well as for the community pharmacy network and all those who work in it.

What its creators say

“Although our vision for the future of community pharmacy is yet to be made reality, we start 2017 with a clear plan for getting there. ‘Making it Happen’ includes a series of diagrams which show how community pharmacy services can move forwards, giving details of possible action points to make it happen. We hope it makes for interesting reading, and with suggestions such as improving communication skills and investing in digital services, some of it may even feel achievable now.”
Alastair Buxton, PSNC Director of NHS Services

“The launch of ‘Making it Happen’ shows that the sector not only has this broad ambition and vision, we also have a plan. Working with colleagues across the community pharmacy network, and based on feedback on the initial vision document, we have been developing an outline implementation framework to start turning that vision into reality.”
Elizabeth Wade, Pharmacy Voice Director of Policy